Harfik of Clan Goldbreaker

Slain Duergar Chieftain


Harfik of Clan Goldbreaker was a Duergar Chieftain descended from Kurzak-Zha through a ten thousand year old dynasty as the rulers of the Depression of Bren.

Late in his life, his home was settled and pillaged by humans loyal to the Johrani Emperor. After humans settled The Depression and formed the town of Brengold they made incursions into the mountains looking for precious metals and unwittingly stumbled upon the mines of the Duergar. Harfik’s people lived so far underground that they allowed this incursion to take place with little to no resistance to the humans. After 100 years though, the humans had delved so deep that regular meetings and clashes were becoming more and more frequent.

Harfik began ordering his troops to kill on sight in an effort to drive the humans back. An eye for eye, tooth for tooth war of attrition ensued in which there was never any clear winner. The Johrani Emperor ordered the Baron Bargis Trim to exterminate the Clan with magic, mostly carried out by wizards from his own court.

Harfik fell early on during the onslaught, it took 5 of the Emperors mages to bring him down.

Harfik of Clan Goldbreaker

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