Fabled Duergar High King & Demi-God


As the legend goes, Kurzak-Zha was created in the time before time. He is High King, Demi-God and Ancestor to all of the Duergar Clans. It is said that he sent his seven sons to the far corners of Johrani to mine and to battle for the glory of the Duergar.

His sons would go on to form;

  • Clan Mistfallow
  • Clan Goldbreaker
  • Clan Stonereaver
  • Clan Bloodmoon
  • Clan Battleborn
  • Clan Oreweaver
  • Clan Brittleshin

All Johrani Duergar worship Kurzak-Zha as their god and ancestor and pray that he gives them the strength to annihalate their enemies.


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